Wk24: The Judge

I have been getting in the way of my own success.  I know that I am not responsible for anyone’s success or failure but I tend to feel that way regardless. I know that there are 2 types of people in the world, the ones that want a different outcome and the ones that don’t. This week I had a couple of people call me up so they could have the opportunity to partner up with me but not only did I decline I didn’t even pick up the phone. I felt horrible for not answering. I judged these people without giving them a fair chance and because of that, I experienced a challenging week.

Some how I let the emotions which I did not want to experience get the best of me. I also did not write out my objective for the week and I overwhelmed myself with the mistakes I made. The ability to not judge people whether they are going to put in work or not is easier said than done. Detaching myself from the outcome and accepting things as they were was a challenge this week, but I know with time and persistence improvements are a given. I have high expectations for anyone who I work with and I look forward to their success which is where the added pressure comes in. I know being more optimistic and not being quick to judge is something that most people need to improve on.

At one point in my life all I wanted was a chance and some people have been there to give me that chance on a consistent basis. In life we are all souls who are looking to connect with others but in order to connect and collaborate we have to be more open minded.

My tip for this week is to treat others the way you want to be treated.


Wk23: Just Relax, you already know the answer

This week my faith has been tested but I refused to give in, I have been shaken but not stirred. I started this week off with tremendous confidence but the lack of my results put a damper on my mood. The emotions I experienced would have probably caused someone else to give up on their goals and dreams. I am so proud that I overcame those ill feelings. I searched all around for answers as to why certain things have not been progressing as fast as I would love them to.

With all of the searching that I have done I couldn’t find what I was looking for until I took a step back, gathered my thoughts and I was able to find the answers. I had a mentor a few years ago who mentioned something powerful to me which would give me the guidance that I needed but I had forgotten all about it and I wasn’t able to access it until I searched with in.

The tip I recently remembered from my previous mentor was to focus on 1 thing and measure the results, but I guess I wasn’t being patient with tracking my efforts. Today I went back and tracked my efforts and they were right on point with the ratio that he gave me years ago. I didn’t like my results so my plan is to do more and give more. Earlier this week I tried different things which cause me to lose focus a bit, but now I am where I should be and I am progressing.

My gift to you this week  is that sometimes we all just need to take a step back and relax because you probably already have the answer inside of you.

Wk22a: Untitled

This week has flown by so quick but I am happy it did. I have learned so much about myself both strengths and weaknesses. Over the pass 5 months I have become more optimistic and persistent towards the goals I set for myself. This week I was able to overcome challenges which would have given me negative reactions but instead I kept my composure. Developing control of my emotions is something that I really focused on improving this week and I have made great strides towards where I want to be.

I am seeing that things can change just as the weather. This morning I had a conversation with my neighbor and she mentioned about how great the recent weather has become which is more enjoyable for her. Having a conversation about the weather made me think about how beautiful life is and that even though some days it can rain on your parade or have you feeling cold, always remember that the sun will rise again and there are better days ahead.

Make the decision whether to feel sad and blue or sunny and happy. You may not have control of the weather outside, but you do have control of the weather on the inside(your emotions).

Wk22: The Call To Action

Last year I received a call to adventure towards my own hero’s journey, seeking a better outcome for myself. A hero’s journey is basically a calling of some sort where you are given an opportunity to do something beyond the norm. In March of 2013 I was given a call to action with an opportunity to create a great life for myself through a network marketing company. I was promised authentic mentors and leaders which every hero needs to embark on his journey, but I found myself all alone with no one to lean on. I felt betrayed without any real help to succeed. Although I was alone I refused to get off of my journey as I felt in my heart that I was going to do this even if I was all alone.

One Month after joining my opportunity I decided to get some training, but immediately I felt the training wouldn’t work for me as I didn’t feel as though I was being true to myself. With the training I received I was getting slammed with rejection after rejection. After going through so much frustration I sat down in a quiet place to meditate and ask for guidance. One week after asking for guidance through meditation I discovered the go90grow course. After being on a live webcast for go90grow I knew this was the place for me, so I signed up for a membership to achieve my goals. The course was a lot of work but it has been life changing. I have learned so much and my life has become such a joy everyday. The reason I waited until this week to create this post is because I have finally started to get back into developing my business after I have taken a hiatus to develop my skills.

My first day back I was met with nervousness and a little anxiety but I am pushing forward and everyday seems easier than the day before. I know that focusing on the behavior which hits my objectives brings me closer to turning the unknown into the known as I come out victorious. I am finding it so much easier being able to detach from the outcome and just live in the moment. I truly love hearing the aspiration of others as I have become the herald sending out a call to action to people whom I interact with.

I know that not everybody is up for the challenge of stepping into the unknown. I have not witness everyone embracing being a hero, I guess that is what makes it so special for the ones that do. I am ready to answer the call each time. Being a hero is a challenge but so is everything else, stretching that comfort zone inch by inch to live my life with purpose is definitely worth it. Is it worth it for you?

Week21: Seeing the Invisible

Since the beginning of this course I have re written my DMP a few times. This week I decided to put in deeper feelings and go more into why is it so important that achieve what is in it. I have been reciting my DMP out loud since the start of this course but this week I have felt a shift in me and now it feels totally different. Every morning I walk outside to get some exercise and this week has been amazing. This week I have been able to clearly see my Definite Major Purpose come to life.

Earlier this week I watched a video where Mark J said “when you can see the invisible you can do the impossible” and I seem to have gained a lot more confidence. Although my confidence level has greatly risen I have been reluctant to make things happen on certain occasions.  Everybody knows that it is so much more of a challenge when you are pioneering on your own. I guess it has been a challenge for me because I tend to put all the weight on my shoulders and take responsibility for others whether they succeed or not.

I just have to keep reminding myself of that old saying “All I can do, is all I can do”

Wk 20: Overload

This week has been very slow and agitating. I experienced information overload and it hasn’t been a pretty sight for me. I felt as though I needed to get away from everything. I have been studying, learning and practicing some skills for 6 months with very minimal breaks which was not enough time to unwind. In the go90grow course we are to make a schedule called Oats which we are suppose to make sure to schedule our free time first, but I always skipped out on adding in free time for myself. Today I realized how important it is to have some time for myself.

I have been feeling a bit of frustration to a point where I had to unwind, I even watched television which I am not a fan of. I guess the TV helped me to get a lot of things off of my mind. Although this week as well as the past 6 months has been a challenge I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything as I have grown so much and I am creating all which I desire. My consistent practicing and focusing on creating a better inner world by having a positive mental attitude made me into a much better person.

I now give myself permission to start enjoying life.

Wk19: Slow start but now I am off to the races

What can I say about my week, it started rocky but it is going pretty good as of right now. I pulled my hamstring, I went through information overload and there was no mkmma class on Sunday, one would think wow seems as though you had your hands full. Some how today, I gained a level of confidence that is unshakeable. I didn’t think I was going to have anything to write about in my blog, but I am getting some great momentum. I am not sure what changed in me but I am glad it did.

I guess you can say I am living by my intentions (what I want) instead of the methods I have to get what I want. I always told myself as well as a few family members that I guarantee my success at whatever I choose, and even though some didn’t believe, I never let anyone sway my decision. Today I truly felt like I was nature’s greatest miracle and I was living on purpose and with a purpose.

My tip for the week is never let anyone tell you it’s not possible and just because you may not be where you want to be at the moment never give up on your dreams. Stay open minded and when you get a call to action take that opportunity and get what you desire.